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| Warsaw, Poland

Mühlbauer’s COIN INSPECT Wins IACA Excellence in Currency Coin Award 2017

Mühlbauer is honored and proud to be one of the winners of the highly regarded IACA Excellence in Currency Coin Award, which was awarded at The Coin Conference in Warsaw on 24 October, 2017.

The IACA Excellence in Currency Awards promote and recognize excellence in banknote and coin production, processing, management and distribution. In keeping with IACA’s mission of making cash the best that it can be, any organization or individual involved in the currency industry, as well as issuing authorities, commercial banks and enforcement agencies are eligible for this special award.

As the only engineering company which was nominated, Mühlbauer won the Award for its new Coin Inspection Solution called COIN INSPECT. Providing an absolutely smooth and surprisingly low-noise coin transport the inspection machine convinced the independent expert jury with its superior performance, the high flexibility in configurations and its state-of-the-art vision technology. With 3.000 coins inspected per minute, the Mühlbauer system has a 20% higher throughput than its competitors’ machines.

The COIN INSPECT is a modular, freely configurable machine which can easily be adapted to specific demands of coin inspection. It exactly reflects what the market requires today – a highly flexible inspection machine to replace a variety of special solutions and standards. This high flexibility in terms of configuration allows for an inspection of blanks, minted and used coins in only one system, which is currently unique on the market. Its modular concept also gives the possibility to exactly configure the inspection machine for specific applications.

Mühlbauer’s COIN INSPECT can be equipped with the following inspection units:

  • Inspection of blanks (surface defects, color defects, rim defects)
  • Inspection of coinage (miss striking, die cracks, wrong coinage intensity, rim defects)
  • Color inspection for minted coins (stains, dirt, corrosion, etc.)
  • Inspection of Coin Edge and Coinage
  • Determination of Diameter and Thickness



The IACA Excellence in Currency Coin Awards 2017 in Warsaw

Award-Winning: Mühlbauer’s COIN INSPECT